Bootstrap with jQuery Wookmark demo

Bootstrap is a JavaScript and CSS library for faster and easier web development. It has been fantastic so far. It does the hard work of prettying up menus, drop downs, buttons and tables with minimal input from a developer. Basically any developer could be a good website designer. Yes designing icons and images still has to be done by designers. Bootstrap has been a phenomena ever since twitter released it more than a year ago.

I have created a sample application which uses Bootstrap to build the page layout, top bar and drop down menus. It then uses jQuery wookmark plugin to build Pinterst-style board with pictures. Currently it uses an API provided by wookmark  o pull beautiful images and show then in the board.

This is a very basic demo and could be helpful if you are thinking of getting started with bootstrap and wookmark.

It uses bootstrap 2.3.0, jQuery 1.8.3 and jQuery wookmark .1 available at the time of building this demo.

I hope you guys enjoy the demo. Let me know your thoughts on comments. Below is a screenshot of the application.


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